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 We currently have two of these homes ordered, and will be here in the spring.
16x80, 3 bedroom 2 bath with a 2 door access deck, and detached 1 car garage.
Home sits on concrete slab
-A master bedroom with bathroom and walk in closet
-Energy efficiency package
-Upgraded whirlpool appliances
-Washer and dryer hookup
-Creston oak cabinets
-Upgraded lighting
-Gas furnace
**And many more features!
Price also includes all hookups and air conditioning. 

Please Email, Call, or contact us via Facebook, We would love to help.


Lake Shore Housing


2022, 16x80, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath



  • We currently have one of these on order

  • 16x80, Two Bedrooms, Two Bathrooms, entry deck, and a detached one car garage.

  • Home sits on a concrete slab


  • A master bedroom, with a master bathroom, and walk in closet

  • Energy efficiency package

  •  Upgraded Whirlpool appliances

  • Washer and dryer hookup 

  • Gas furnace

**And many more features

Price also includes all hookups and air conditioning

Please Email, call or contact us via Facebook for more information, we would love to help!


Lake Shore Housing


2022, 16x80, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath

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